About us

Reflek Technologies Corporation is a major manufacturer and distributor of high-performance finishes and coatings for the architecture and transportation industries.

Our product portfolio is centered on integrated climatic technologies such as solar control window films, DC vacuum sputtering and specialized precision coatings, photovoltaics and flexible circuit applications. We believe in the value of a strong research and development team, which combines with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, exclusive production processes, a well-established distribution network and a flexible corporate structure to create an innovative, world-class technological firm.

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At Reflek, we make a continuous effort to set the highest quality standards in the industry, while providing a unique, personalized customer service and support experience. Our origins as a high-tech laboratory with a long history of production and market engagement experience have turned us into much more than a simple marketer or retailer. We carefully tailor and supervise every step of our production and commercialization process to ensure the quality and consistency that our customers expect as consumers of high-end coatings. Reflek’s design and engineering team has over 30 years of combined experience in producing simple, effective solutions which adhere to the requirements of our most demanding users.


Luxo Window Films is one of only two companies in the world applying high end multi-layer vacuum-sputtering technologies. This fabrication process is able to integrate multiple layers of diverse, specially selected materials onto a thin PET film with nano-meteric precision. Sputtering technology is leading the window film industry into the future.

Luxo TiNite Window Films are 100% dye- and metal-free. Its super-durable nano-ceramic coating puts an end to the dye-fading and de-metallization problems of the past. Nano-ceramics possess spectrally selective properties which maximize total heat rejection, unmatched even by high-quality metalized films.

With a wide range of neutral-toned films, Luxo TiNite Series offers a comfortable Visible Light Transmission (VLT) ranging from 5% to 70% while maintaining a non-reflective look due its low Visible Light Reflectance (VLR). Luxo TiNite Series offers the perfect product to exceed the most demanding taste, while meeting most vehicle and building regulation requirements worldwide.

Luxo’s Crystallite series helps lower temperatures quickly at start up, allowing the passenger cabin to cool faster without exerting pressure on air conditioning systems. You will cruise in comfort, subjecting your air conditioner to less strain and significantly improving fuel efficiency. Crystallite Series’ Films also protects expensive upholstery and audio equipment by shielding it from destructive heat and high levels of ultraviolet radiation.


Enhancing heat rejection and increasing AC efficiency to save energy is becoming a very important aspect of environment issues. Leading the window film industry, Luxo has up to 65% Heat Rejection and 96% IR rejection, which effectively reduces the load of AC operation for your car. This translates into energy savings for you and protection of the environment.

LUXO Window Films is committed to quality and effectiveness!

At Reflek, we make a continuous effort to set the highest quality standards in the industry, while providing a unique, personalized customer service and support experience.

Solar Control Films

Solar control window films are extremely effective at reducing the demand placed on air conditioning and ventilation systems, which will be directly and immediately reflected on your MPG performance and your budget.

Privacy and Specialty Films

Some product lines offer enhanced visual effects for a unique aesthetic appearance, or higher shading values for maximum privacy.

Safety and Security Films

Generally clear, transparent films (which means they contain no pigmentation or metallic coating), safety window films are meant to increase the impact resistance of your windows.

Commercial, residential, automotive, and marine window films. Proven performance, advanced technology.