Published On : May 28th, 2023

We are honored to be part of this memorable event beginning September 27th-29th at the Henry B. Gonzalez Center in San Antonio TX. We are sponsoring 2 of the world’s best installers at the Tint & PPF competition so please come by our Booth #557 to see what the new rave is about. Displays, demonstrations, presentations and MORE for 3 days of this exciting event! How dreamy would it be to stare at a beautiful Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid? Each of our products is one step closer to protecting your investment against minor road hazards, along with making your ride glossier and shinier. Even James Bond would want to take it for a drive. We will demonstrate a live PPF demo to show the products flexibility, forgiving adhesive, excellent hydrophobic capabilities along with an amazing surface gloss. You will also be able to take a sneak peak of our computer cutting program. You won’t want to miss out!!!

Reflek Technologies Corp. has built a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Chandler, Arizona. The location directs us to compete directly with just a handful of American manufacturers. These manufacturers are capable of producing high quality window film products with successful outcomes. We respond to the need of our customers and our primary focus is to help our dealers.

You no longer have to worry about harsh East Coast snowstorms or rugged rocky roads in the desert areas. Your car will look as fresh as ever with our premium paint protection products. Come join us and witness greatness of what our company has put together to help in keeping your car look beautiful and brand new.

Commercial, residential, automotive, and marine window films. Proven performance, advanced technology.